The Different Type of I Love You's

There are lots of ways to express your love and respect for someone. The most timeless expression, “I love you,” however now holds varying degrees of gravity thanks to texting.

Let’s take a look:



The most common variant of the standard “I love you.” It’s also the safest one too. It’s been used so much that it has lost its significance as a declaration and a milestone in a relationship. Based on my personal experiences, “ily” has become synonymous with a thank you.

Thanks for buying me breakfast, ily!!!



I luv u, I luv you, I luv ya. All usually mean the same thing. It’s a flippant expression. This variation takes away the big commitment of the standard “I love you.” It’s both a term of endearment and a closing message. “Luv ya” is reserved for a friend.



This is the one with the most substance and meaning. This is the real deal. Once you press the send button, there’s no going back. Saying it over text is definitely easier than saying it online but still holds some degree of nervousness. You say this when you mean it. Don’t forget to include that period!

OH, don’t forget “Rawr!”


That’s debatable though…