College Ambassador 


Make Up To $500 as a Campus Ambassador.  Potential for Internship in New York City.


We are looking for a campus ambassador to help pilot our marketing efforts.  This is an opportunity to gain hands-on experience marketing a unique app and earning some money, while staying on your campus. 

How?  Tell your classmates, post to group lists, post on social media, and experiment with your own marketing campaigns.  By spreading the word to other students, you will be paid $10 for each install, which increases as certain targets are met. 


Installs          $ per Install          Max Earnings                

First 10              $10           $100                 

(1) Bonus          $100         $200

11-20                $15           $350

(2) Bonus          $150         $500


+Indirect referrals: $5 per install


In addition, if a student that you get to install the app refers to another student, you will receive an additional $5/install without even doing anything.  You can earn up to a maximum of $500, which you can do in a day!  Depending on your effectiveness in marketing, we can provide a letter of recommendation. There is even the potential for a part-time marketing position at our New York City office as an intern for Crushh.



Apply by sending your resume and a few sentences about yourself to


- Familiarity with social media and knowledge of sources on how to reach out to students at your college

- Outstanding verbal & written communication skills 

- Since the app is available for Android only, being an Android user is a plus, but not required