Acronyms Fail

#FAT – Failed Acronym Thursdays/Thanksgiving (Part 4)

Happy FAT Thanksgiving!  And we’re referring to the next iteration of our Failed Acronym Thursdays, not just the end-result of you stuffing yourselves.  In honor of this family-oriented holiday, we present the family edition of funny acronym fails.   

1. Your mom's expecting you WTF!

2. Sometimes you just got to gamble - like this mom.

3. And sometimes you

4. We didn't even think it was possible to misunderstand this emoji. Well done, Mumma Bear!

5. We still have no idea what this mom was referring to!

6. Welcome to Facebook, Dad!

We hope this lightens up your Thanksgiving dinner :)

#FAT – Failed Acronym Thursdays (Part 3)

In the spirit of #FAT Thursdays, here are some funnies to lighten up your day.  These don’t come from texts, but are just as hilarious…

1. Don’t think the word “shit” exists in the Spanish language. That’s the only explanation


2. Authorized Service Shop, Authorized Ass Shop, Authorized Ass Service… This company offers different services – obviously!

3. This should make people run the other way! I would definitely apply for a different school! Lol

4. Should we panic or remain calm?

5. Hmmm, wonder what they really learn at this school…

Sorry, I don't think acronyms work like that